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About Us

Founded in 2016 by filmmakers and producers from Istanbul, Creafilm is a visual communication studio professionalized on film production, photography and design.

Specialised in hospitality, gastronomy, influencer marketing, event visualization and commercial films, we work across the fields of architectural photography, film production, wedding photography and filmmaking, art direction, brand creation and graphic design.

Together with a wide range of collaborators, Creafilm creates timeless visuals rich with emotional resonance.

"Photography is Poetry"

First of all, Horace said that a picture was a poem without words. In todays world, a photograph is a poem without words. Because I guess in the past, the only ‘pictures’ they had were poems.

“Photography” means painting with light.

So I guess that as photographers and filmmakers, we are just modern-day painters. Except we have different tools at our disposal.